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Junk Cars in Atlanta provides towing services and junk car removal in Atlanta and surrounding areas.  If you have a junk car you need removed, please call us at 404.207.5000 and we will be on our way.  We remove cars Monday through Saturday.

We will arrive in a professional Freightliner flatbed and in most circumstances, can remove your car in under 10 minutes leaving you with a hassle free experience.  Give us a call. 

Porsche Boxter

The Porsche Boxster is a mid-engined roadster built by Porsche. The Boxster is Porsche's first vehicle designed by Harm Lagaay from the beginning as a roadster; all previous Porsche convertibles were based on hardtop coupes.

2004 BMW 330ci

The BMW 330ci was a model in BMW's 3 Series line available from 2001 to 2006. BMW classes the 330ci a "compact executive car". During its production, the 330ci was offered as a coupe

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