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MacDaddi launches, aka The Olympic
After a 6 month colaboration between MacDaddi Web & Tech and Roald Bradstock Enterprises to organize the career of the widely talented artist and Olympian, Roald Bradstock (aka The "Olympic Picasso"), the pair has come up with a phenomenal 430 page website including aspects of Flash, video, audio, pictures and finally, a seperate website to enhance search engine ratings and visibilty  Please visit The "Olympic Picasso's" Website.

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MacDaddi Launches Durga Dreams website.
The insanely talented Sonia Weiss Durga has decided to bring her truly original style of painting to the internet.  MacDaddi created a stage like atmosphere complete with a truly unique curtain animation which slowly pulls away to reveal Sonia's

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Florida Beach Property Rentals
This website was created to showcase a beautiful top-of-the-line beach house in Santa Rosa Florida and to help create an internet presence resulting in the clients bottom line... rentals.

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Dr Neala Peake launches her MacDaddi Website
On January 1, 2008, Neala peak launched her website, a 3 month project for MacDaddi.  Dr. Peake is an author of spiritual fairy tales and self help books, her latest "The Journey of Spiritual Cultivation.  Read more about Dr. Peake and visit her website.

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Roald Bradstock

"Dennis created a website that I am really proud of.  He made the process enjoyable. He listened and understood the kind of site I wanted and needed.  I gave him a lot of different materials and he used his technical knowledge and understanding to weave them all together to a wonderful piece of high tech art.  I would highly recommend going to Dennis at MacDaddi if you want the best Website possible.  He is a true "Web Master"."